Inexpensive Meal and Prep Ideas


People might need a few cheap meal prep ideas when on a budget. It is entirely possible to eat in every night and save a lot of money.

One extremely cheap solution is canned tuna and mayonnaise. These items along with bread and celery can make fast weekend meals that are more budget friendly than always buying fresh fish.

Also, another cheap idea are baked potatoes. This meal literally just requires some broccoli and cheese and a person has a wonderful comfort food.

Baked beans, toast, tomatoes and eggs are budget friendly suppers. They can be easy to prepare as well.

Another meal prep idea for those on a budget are pancakes with fruit. People can buy the pre made mixes but it is cheaper to just use raw ingredients at home. Then add some chopped up fruit and the meal becomes exponentially more healthy.

Eating on a budget is not difficult, just look for bulk staple food sales and stock up on canned goods.